Excuse the Jess

S1 Ep 4 - My Generation

May 31, 2021 Jessica J Garner Season 1 Episode 4
Excuse the Jess
S1 Ep 4 - My Generation
Show Notes

Jessica has a lot to say and so each week she will break down a topic and give you her views.    This week Jessica will give you her thoughts about my generation.  She will explore what it means, whether you're a boomer, generation x, y, or z (who makes up this stuff?).    Or she'll just talk nonsense for twenty minutes.   Welcome to her life.

Excuse the Jess was written and performed by Jacqueline Davies and is a Deliciously Bright production.    If you enjoyed this, please consider giving it a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts.  Thanks for listening.

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Excuse the Jess is a fictional story told over each season.

Written & Performed by: Jacquie J Sarah
Website: ExcusetheJess.com
Produced by: Deliciously Bright Productions
Instagram: excusethejess

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